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The Pros and Cons of Learning Cursive

Date Posted: July, 21 2016, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon DSc.
Categories: Writing Skills
 How many of you still wonder why schools are requiring that children learn to write in cursive when we are advancing so quickly with technology, iPad and computers.  Well like anything controversial, there are two sides to every coin so let’s discuss the pro’s and cons of learning cursive. Let’s begin with the pro’s. [ read more ]

What is Self Esteem - Part 2 - Using Limit Settings

Date Posted: June, 28 2016, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon DSc.
Categories: Self-Esteem
As parents we need to spend time on building the self esteem of our children and not assume that it will come naturally. Self esteem can be a strange and often elusive quality. Children get derailed very easily especially in today’s fast paced competitive world where they need to keep up with others around them, technology and many times very successful high achiever “type” parents. [ read more ]