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The Genius Kids Club Ardenwood

4966 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94555

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Welcome to The Genius Kids Club Ardenwood!

We serve the Tri-cities to include Fremont Ardenwood and neighboring areas.

At The Genius Kids Club, our advanced accelerated learning programs are designed to meet each child’s individual development needs. Our curriculum has been recognized worldwide for its emphasis in leadership, public speaking and personality development.

Our center located in the well-known Ardenwood area caters to school age students Grades 1-5. Our services include:
 Before and After School care for Grades K-5. including transportation to and from the local schools. In addition, we provide exciting campus during winter, spring and summer breaks including field trips, academic advancement, public speaking, arts and crafts, Lego, chess and lots more.

We have a dedicated center to homework help located at 4938 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont CA offering assistance to families that need this guidance to ensure their child receives the support to complete their daily homework and sustain necessary grade expectations.

We truly have an awesome group of educators. They continuously participate in monthly trainings and staff development training days. Our comprehensive accelerated curricula developed in-house, offering ample opportunities for students to learn using their multiple intelligences in the areas of math, critical thinking, language arts, spelling & vocabulary, verbal-linguistics, bodily-kinesthetic, inter and intra personal skills, music, communication, confidence and public speaking. Genius Kids students stand out apart wherever they go, beaming with confidence and able to attain new levels of academic and personal achievement through our innovative multimedia approach of teaching and fun interactive methods of interaction.
 Our mission statement can be summed up with the following quotes:

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.”
– Chinese proverb

“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.”
– Gail Godwin

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
– Malcolm Forbes


If you're looking for a loving, nurturing, education-driven child care in Fremont, CA, then give our Ardenwood Center a call to schedule your tour today!

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Programs we offer:

  • After School Academics Program (ASAP)
  • Homework Help Hub (HHH)

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After School Academics Program (ASAP)

Our comprehensive After School Academics Program (ASAP) has been developed with customized accelerated curricula developed in-house offering ample opportunities for students to learn & engage developing critical life skills.


·           K – 5th Grade

·           Pick up & drop off to local schools available  

The weekday after school hours of 3 to 6 p.m. represents an enormous challenge for children in the United States. More than 70% of children have parents who work outside of the home, leaving 15 million youth unsupervised by adults when school is out. This means that they are 3 times more likely for them to engage in violent crimes, drug use, alcohol & other inappropriate, illegal activities. In addition, the recent budget cuts in schools have resulted in an overload of students in classrooms, & many of the sports, music, public speaking & heritage cultural programs being eliminated & cancelled. This is why it is critical to ensure your child is receiving the necessary additional academic assistance and engaging enrichment activities to continue to develop their mental and physical health, & overall performance.


Genius Kids ASAP provide academics, sports, arts & crafts, public speaking, and several other fun, enrichment activities all under one roof. Our unique curriculum motivates our participants to become productive, engaged community members. Our results clearly show that students who attend our programs gain social & academic skills, show improvements in self-esteem, learn respect towards their peers, school & community through daily interaction with positive role models. Our students have shown marked improvement in test scores, many of them skipping grades and winning several local and national competitions. Many of our students have ranked first nationally in global math and chess competitions. Genius Kids student stand out apart wherever they go beaming with confidence and able to attain new levels of academic achievement through our innovative multimedia approach of teaching.


For parents seeking before and after care, we will customize the schedule to include academics, and sports, along with enrichment classes of arts, crafts, public speaking & free play. Contact us for more information.

Homework Help Hub (HHH)

The Homework Help Hub is homework assistance programs for students who come from school for after care to complete their homework assignments. Catered to Grades 2-5.


·           1st - 5th Grade

·           Pick up & drop off to local schools available 

The weekday after school hours of 3 to 6 p.m. represents an enormous challenge for children in the United States especially for working parents. The Homework Help Hub is homework assistance programs for students who come from school for after care to complete their homework assignments. The homework is supervised, checked and assistance is offered for students to ensure their complete their assignments and projects. Parents must allow for ample time for their child to complete their work. Parents are required to provide any and all materials needed for projects. Upon completion of homework, students are assigned to daily reading, book reports or educational board games. No additional worksheets are provided in this program and 1-1 tutoring is not offered. The student should be able to work independently. 

The Team (5 Photos)

"I was seeing all the videos you put up from your Shining star competition and was simply blown away - such talented kids - super impressive - GREAT JOB. I also wanted to tell you that the public speaking class we put Shreya in last year along with the opportunity at the Gandhi Jayanthi event in Milpitas are all helping Shreya immensely - Shreya has a 'speech' class in Challenger since she was in Kindergarten where she did okay but we have personally observed that since she went to the public speaking classes at Genius Kids she has been scoring really high in her speech - i mean consistently she has been getting 100% - the lowest we saw was 98% - i asked her how come she is scoring so high now than before where she was in late 80s and she said - mom, I keep remembering the little pointers my teacher Miss Kimberly used to give me in the class - so THANK YOU so much for offering these classes - they are definitely build to improve a kids performance - something so rarely offered by anyone else - this is definitely your competitive advantage - no one can touch your public speaking course - kudos on creating it."

Madhuri Karanam

Union City, CA


"Genius Kids has been doing an amazing job in ever expanding their curriculum and programs to suit kids of all ages. Kudos to Ms. Rennu and team for being so creative and innovative in offering a variety of programs and working with kids to make it so easy to have fun while learning. We feel very strongly that Ms. Rennu, her family and the Genius Kids staff are making such a big difference in every genius kid's educational life with the best thought-out and planned programs. Both Rahul and Abhinav felt very challenged involved and had lots of fun with the Public Speaking programs. As Rahul puts it - "Public speaking is not just talking; it is about building character..." With the very good guidance and opportunities, the Genius Kids curriculum has helped Rahul to participate in many Public Speaking competitions and aided him to even stand out at his school with high confidence and fluency. Every kid is different and it was a pleasure to see even Abhinav start participating in Public Speaking competition, when he was just 3 years old, thanks to Genius Kids! Wishing Ms. Rennu, her family and the Genius kids staff the very best in continuing to evolve higher levels of innovative curriculum and program."

Prashant & Vaishali Joshi

Hayward, CA


"I would like to take this opportunity and Thank you all for taking care of him and giving him the support, discipline and most of all the Love and care to make him feel at home. He always complains if I go early and pick him up at GK :) that shows how much he loves to be there. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MISS. ASHLEY, Ishan's most favourite teacher in the world (in his words :) ). Thank you very much for treating him like your little brother and being his support during his rought times and giving him the right values. Thank you very much for all your support Miss.Ashley. We highly appreciate it!! Please let us know when you open a new center in Dublin. We would be happy to send Ishan there"

Sunita Challkonda

Dublin, CA


"Thank so much for all the support and encouragement the genius family has given Lemintei. Lemintei has grown to a great student and l have seen tremendous difference in his learning ability and most important his confidence. I cannot believe that all this improvements happened in less than 6 months. Public speaking has been of great help in his confidence and ability to express himself in articulate manner. Almost everything in his report card was exceeds expectation, and we are proud of his hard work. All in all his last trimester was the best so far. Thank you for your great work. We are looking forward for another great school year."

Juliet Osoi

Fremont, CA


"Hello Ms. Rennu! Surprise! I'm writing you a message because as I was putting away more papers in my files today, I came across an email that you and I corresponded to about Tyler's last day at Genius Kids (It was already filed!). It was really touching what you said about Tyler, and I couldn't help to think what a great teacher you were to Tyler. I always had this opinion of you, but seeing this email again brought good memories of you and Genius Kids and how important you were in Tyler's primary years of school. Tyler has had many great teachers along the years, but you stand out as one of my favorites! I sincerely mean this. I don't get on Facebook much, so I don't always see you updates, but I hope you are doing well. I did see recently that your eldest daughter is engaged! Amazing! Please say hello to Mr Gill. I have fond memories of you all. Take care!"

Anthony & Elsa Lynch

Fremont, CA


"Chloe, my eldest daughter, drastically improved her 3rd grade results scorecard last quarter and has reached the top range percentile in her school district - her improvement in Maths and Writing skills has been outstanding over the span of just a quarter of perseverance after she started the Genius Kids after school program. This remarkable progression wouldn't have happened without Chloe participating in Genius Kids' feature-rich and well balanced after-school program. The passion, professionalism and dedication of Genius Kids staff, in particular Ms Kimberly, are the enablers that make children thrive with confidence in an ever more competitive world. Despite her natural introversion, Chloe has become a lot more assured in relating to others, and the Genius Kids public-speaking program has had a transforming impact on her. As a parent, I am grateful that she joined these sessions and we look forward to further progress and advancement !!!"

Stephane & Bea LeFrere

Union City, CA


"Our kids Shreya and Vikram (aged 10 and 6) have spent their initial years learning at Genius Kids. We are very impressed with the strong foundation the school has managed to inculcate both in terms of Reading and Math. Of course, there are several schools that do that but what differentiates this school from the rest is the sense of confidence the kids going here have. Right from the beginning, the Confidence building exercise is part of the curriculum. In the present world of extreme competition, there is no doubt Hard Work breeds Confidence and Confidence breeds Success. With Public-Speaking being a vital aspect of the confidence building exercise, Genius Kids public-speaking program is perfectly tuned to achieve just that. The nuances of good public speaking is taught with video recording, replays and professional feedback. Our kids who were more on the introvert side have transformed to being nervous free on stage. I owe it to the teachers in Genius Kids for the encouragement and motivation given to each kid irrespective of their level of competency. They all eventually turn out to be confident kids. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most!"

Bala & Nitha Balaji

Fremont, CA


"Genius Kids was an amazing base for me to go out into the world and make myself known. With confidence that Genius Kids has given, I was able to accomplish so much all while maintaining my grades at an A average. At a young age, I participated in many spelling and vocabulary bees. I skipped first grade and went straight to second grade. I also did the Stanford math online course and the John Hopkins language arts course through Genius Kids, which is still helping me a lot in high school. I also won numerous public speaking contests. The confidence that Genius Kids gave me helped me be part of my school's Student Council in fifth grade. In seventh grade, I won first at my school science fair, then passed the district science fair, and I was able to make it to the county science fair. Although, I didn't win there, I got many awards and cash prizes for the project's ingenuity. In eighth grade, I got the largest possible scholarship to go to Moreau Catholic High School. I am now in high school and I'm doing great! I am a student ambassador, and I'm also dancing in two honors dance pieces. I am also taking part in cross country and I am one of the fastest people in my grade. None of this could have been accomplished if it weren't for Ms. Rennu and her continuing encouragement, which has kept motivating me to be my best through these many years.(Rahul is now in High School with a scholarship at Moreau Catholic Hayward)"

Rahul Joshi - Prodigy Student of Genius Kids

Hayward, CA


"I truly appreciate all the work that you've done to support and nurture Aadi, that has helped him to become better in his social skills, taught him to take pride in his work, learn to respect , team work and of course strength of good communication. I cannot thank you enough for engraving Aadiâs mind with key values like Never judge a book by its cover, Two wrongs cannot make one right and the list goes on and on¦..these are few morals we have started using at home too. Aadi made some good friends and memories at Ardenwood center. There has been not a single day since we moved and Aadi has not requested us to take him back to the Ardenwood center. I hope that in future you can be part of my kids educational curriculum once again. Also please convey my sincere regards to Mrs. Shana, Ms. Sheena, Ms. Diana, Ms. Maneet for guiding and assisting Aadi. I wish you continual success and bright future!"

Divya & Ashish

Fremont, CA


"Dear Miss Rennu, Miss, Diana and Miss. Shana, With lots of pride and happiness we inform you that our Son Rithvi has passed GATE test and been selected to the same. He obtained ranking of 99 percentile on verbal & quantitative, 98 on non verbal and a composite percentile of 99 in Fremont unified school district. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for teaching and mentoring Rithvi during the past several months. More importantly it was your encouragement that gave him the self confidence to attempt and do well. Its a small feather in your illustrious and glorious hat that belong to genius kids. Thanks and regards,"

Ramoshan & Ganka

Fremont, CA


"Rennu, We want to share the good news that Rishith got a composite score of 99 Percentile in the FUSD conducted GATE test this year (March 2014). He will be placed in the pool of the gifted students and given extra curriculum from next year. You spotted him very quickly and declared him as one of the honor students at GK when he was in the preschool at GK ,eventhough we had doubts in mind if he was really a honor student at that time. Go GK! Thanks Sailaja and Srinivas"

Srinivas & Sailaja Susarla

Fremont, CA


"Wanted to share with you that Aarav has cleared GATE test this year. I sincerely want to thanks Genius Kids and his teachers for preparing him for the test. He has learnt a lot in Genius kids in all these years. Thanks, Anita Mehta"

Anita Mehta

Fremont, CA


"I do not know what I would do if I had never walked through the doors of Genius Kids when I was searching for a learning center for my son. When I first brought my oldest son to GK, he had been in kindergarten a few weeks and had never attended a formal preschool. He did not know as much academically as he should have when he first started school. He was so behind that he would come home crying that he didn't understand or know as much as the other kids in class. After I enrolled him at GK, he was up to speed halfway through the school year, and ahead of the class by the end of the year. Now he is 7 years old, in second grade and is reading 97 words per minute compared to an average of 72 in his classroom. He is at the top of his class academically - in math, writing, science. When I saw what GK did for my oldest son, I decided to put my youngest son in and it really paid off. My 5 year old son is also at the top of his class and ahead of the game. I couldn't have done it without the GK program especially since I work 50+ hours a week. Both of my boys have been going to Genius Kids for years. The facilities are clean and bright and conveniently located. Ms. Deanna was one of my kids' favorites - she is sweet and nurturing and knowledgeable! Al the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable, remember who's mommy I am, are excited to see my kids, and assist in overcoming any challenges that may arise with their learning processes whether it is at their facility or at school. Miss Rennu is great too- very professional, polished, nurturing, understanding. She is prompt and knowledgeable in answering any questions I have, and has a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a great place for your child you can stop looking. Genius Kids truly the best and I am so grateful my kids are with them. Katherine Reese"

Katherine Reese

Fremont, CA


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4966 Paseo Padre Parkway
Fremont, CA 94555

Phone: 510-713-2431

School Hours: Monday - Friday: 01:30 PM - 06:30 PM

Age: 6 years - 12 years

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